(20000) Varuna

(20000) Varuna = 2000 WR106 is the third largest Trans-Neptunian Object, with an absolute magnitude of 3.7. It was discovered on November 28th 2000 with the SpaceWatch Telescope at Kitt Peak. The orbit is based on 41 observations at 6 oppositions since 1954, when it was imaged in the Palomar Observatory Sky survey. The location of various other "pre-covery" images has allowed a high-quality orbit to be calculated. The semi-major axis is 43.27AU and the excentricity 0.053. With a period of 285 this object is classed as a "Cubewanian" after the prototype object 1992 QB1.


Image: December 6th 2002

Animation of (20000) Varuna.

The TNO is the faint object at the point of the arrow. At the time that these images were taken it was at 43.14AU from the Sun and had a magnitude of R=19.0.

Ramón Naves & Montse Campàs







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