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09-01-16 - The last three months

09-01-17 - The calm before the storm

09-01-18 - Herschel is what is termed a “consumables-limited mission”

09-01-19 - The pace is beginning to quicken after the Christmas break

09-01-20 - It has been a pretty historic day in Washington

09-01-21 - Days seem to be moving forward fast

09-01-22 - Surreal comic situation

09-01-23 - The realisation is gradually sinking in to the team that this time it is for real

09-01-24 - Launch -82 days.

09-01-25 - Launch -81 days. Quite apart from the launch campaign, there is a quite separate problem on my mind

09-01-26 - Launch -80 days.

09-01-27 - Launch -79 days. I am in the hotel having arrived about three hours ago for a meeting at Mission Control

09-01-28 - Launch -78 days.Today’s meeting was very intense

09-01-29 - Launch -77 days.

09-01-30 - Launch -76 days. You have good days. You have bad days

09-01-31 - Launch -75 days.

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